How to Get Exposure for Your Rap Music Beats - Exposure in the Music Industry

Getting exposure in the music industry can be tough these days. There are so many other artists out there that are working just as hard as you to make it in the industry. You need to have an advantage if you are going to get seen in the vast ocean of artist there are out there. Here are some exposure tips that will help you stay ahead of the crowd.


Search Engine Optimization is fairly new to the music community. The old way of marketing is where artists used to pass out fliers or spread their information via word of mouth. The new way of marketing is Optimizing your webpage for Google. If someone types in the words "new artist" into the Google search engine, results populate with relevant results based on the keyword. SEO is simply optimizing your webpage for Google so that they know you are relevant to certain words. An SEO expert will make sure that your page is optimized so good that you will be the most relevant result. That's what SEO can do for you. SEO makes it possible for people who are already looking for new artists to find you.


Post on forums all the time. Just do a Google search for Producer forums and find one that you like. Make sure that you set your signature up with your website in it that links to your music. Getting a link from a producer forum can be a great addition to the SEO that you are doing for your website. Forums are great way to build back links to your website quickly and give you points with Google. If Google sees that you are active a lot, they will reward you with ranking.

Offer Free Beats

Offering free beats on your website can generate tons of traffic. So many people are looking for free beats every day. If you can SEO your site for the keywords "free beats", you will get so much traffic you won't know what to do with it. Free beats are also a great way to get artists on your beats. These artists are trying to promote their selves too and that means that they are promoting you at the same time by default. Make sure that you tag your beats with your signature phrase or producer name on it. That will ensure that every time that artists plays that track that people will hear your tag. That's free exposure for your beats.

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